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Dartmouth Room Search | April 2015


After freshman year, all students at Dartmouth are assigned a housing number. This number determines your priority in getting the room you want. Prior to Dartmouth Room Search being launched, to find the perfect room you would have to comb through numerous poorly formatted floor plans, with unclear room dimensions and unlabeled gender restrictions.

This site amalgamates all the data including size, bathrooms, gender, number of people, and rooms into one easy convenient place. It then allows you to filter by your preferences, and sort the results by square feet per person, number of people, and more through an easy to use sentence-based search method.

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Colorize | August 2016


A while ago I was designing a website, and wanted a good color blue. However, I'm incredibly indecisive when it comes to choosing color palettes. I envisioned some site that would allow me to type in 'blue', and it would give me the ideal blue color. This idea was fleshed out into Colorize. It takes in a search criteria, and then averages the colors returned in the first page of Google Image results to return a single hex color.

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GroupMe Analysis | August 2016

HTML, CSS, JS (jQuery), PHP, SQL (MySQL)

Over the summer, I wanted to look at some statistics for one of the GroupMe's that I was in. I looked around, and found GroupMe had an open REST API. I wrote a quick script to scrape all the data using my account, and I compiled it into some basic information: who had the most comments, who had the most likes, etc.

I realized that I could turn this into a larger web application that anyone could use. Thus, GroupMe Analysis was born, a quick and easy (and private) way to analyze statistics of a GroupMe without giving anyone long lasting access to your GroupMe account.

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Dog-a-Day | March 2016

HTML, PHP, JS, CSS, MySQL, MailChimp

Dog-a-Day started as a Christmas present for my father (a cute dog picture every day for a year), but it ballooned into a subscription based service for daily puppy images. I've built a backend for the images, and use MailChimp for easy sending and subscription services.

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The Pack Market | December 2014

HTML, CSS, PHP, SQL (MySQL), JS (jQuery)

The Pack Market is a site for purchasing random packs of virtual cards from various sports games, including FIFA and MADDEN. Instead of receiving those players, however, the value of the players can be redeemed into your account for purchasing whoever you want later off of the market.

By giving a chance to win incredibly valuable packs for a small amount of money, this method combines the rush of opening a pack and seeing who you got with the freedom to choose players, and possibly win big.

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ShiftCycle | August 2015


ShiftCycle is a tweak for iPhones that makes it so when you tap 'Shift' with text selected it cycles it through a variety of toggleable options.
The current options are:

  • making the text lowercase
  • Making The Text Titlecase
  • MakingTheTextHashtagCase

This currently has just under 20,000 downloads across all versions.

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What's Line? | November 2015

Swift, MySQL, PHP

This app is perfect for keeping track of lines. It facilitates adding people, keeping track of who's next, and letting other people know their position in line. With multiple options including rearranging line, adding and removing people, and adding people to line from QR code, name, or telephone number, it makes it easier than ever to keep track.

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PasscodeActivator | July 2015


PasscodeActivator is a tweak for iPhones that allows you to use alternate passwords as "switches" within the phone. If you want it so that typing in 1234 for your password turns on the Flashlight? That's possible. Want a special guest mode enabled with a certain password? Go for it.

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SafariSearchHider | August 2015


SafariSearchHider is a tweak for iPhones that allows you to customize the things that Safari saves your information on, including history and cookies. By creating tailored regex or wildcard strings, SafariSearchHider allows you to selectively use Private browsing without affecting other usage of your iPhone.

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